2018 Design Highlights

To kick off the new year the Beyond team reflect on their favourite design highlights of 2018 and some thoughts on the year ahead.

Wall of traditional branded fabric badges

Re-branding back to heritage roots

“The most marked design trend of 2018 for me was the resurgence by multiple brands to their heritage roots. Across the board, well known food brands to high end fashion labels re-branded with a nod to their past; adopting, designing and refining heritage assets to create designs that still feel appropriate in the present day. As the saying goes- ‘good design never goes out of fashion’!

It’s poignant to note that even though brands are ever evolving their products and offerings to keep up with the demands of our modern-day ways of living, they are still communicating and celebrating the longevity, reputation and quality of their brands, first and foremost, through their design.”
Charlotte Smith – Lead Graphic Designer

Child's toy wooden frog seen at Luds design festival

Lodz Design Festival

“My most memorable moment of 2018 would have to be attending the Lodz Design Festival in Poland last spring. At a time when the world of design is so focused on technological advances and artificial intelligence, last year’s Lodz Design Festival attendees were invited to reflect on the importance of craft and how much we still value the work of human hands. It was very inspirational to discover the intricate ceramics, glassware and textiles handmade by young designers. It also made me newly appreciate the wealth and beauty of the Polish design scene which I’m ashamed to say I’m not that familiar with after 14 years of living in London.”
Dominika Wiecha – Retail Design Manager

Calligraphy with quote How we live is what makes us real

Design to lift our spirits

“As we segue from 2018-2019 design has a role to play in lifting the spirits. The confusion and chaos of politics across the world is a breeding ground for subversive and anarchic design that echoes the politics, but design also can act as a counter balance to the seemingly intractable and stressful divergence of ideas.

From domestic to commercial design we are increasingly seeing a desire from customers and clients to bring order and calm to the chaos. So, design could be playing the role of peacemaker or at the very least delivering a little happiness in 2019.”
Nigel Stern – Creative Director

Blue and textured collage graphic by Beyond London

Use of GIFs

“For me some of the greatest design moments from the past year have been where animations and GIFs have been used to bring designs to life – progressively more designers are creating GIFs to make their digital work move, to show functionality and add personality. I think that with the way digital design is evolving and the amount of design we see on a daily basis this is a great way to grab people’s attention – even if it’s a subtle transition. It’s a great way to take simple designs to the next level!”
Jessica Bakker – Graphic Designer