A website with legs!

Our work on the new look website for Legology, the only skin-focused leg care brand in the world founded by @KateShapland, was not only an opportunity to refine the branding to reflect the success and premium positioning the business has built over the past 10 years, but also to improve and upgrade the system behind the site to offer greater flexibility and usability.

Our approach is always to ensure a seamless and engaging customer experience. In this case a refinement of the brand strategy, alongside benchmarking of best practice in the category, was a starting point for a set of recommendations to refine fonts, colourways, imagery and address the all-important overall customer journey. This resulted in a richer and more intuitive experience and an enhanced look and feel, leading to greater engagement and an all-important increase in sales.

Alongside the branding and customer journey, has been the development of the back end of the site, which has hugely improved flexibility and functionality.

“The site looks absolutely fantastic. Designs work seamlessly with our products which is exactly what we wanted out of this refresh. Thank you so much for all your help in getting us to this point, we have no doubt that it will give us a foot up in the market. It’s been a long journey but so glad that we’ve had the chance to work with you on it and produce something special that we are all really proud of.”- Brand Manager, Legology.

We worked together with Pixelated Orange to deliver the new site, with whom we have established a perfect working partnership, delivering a number of game changing sites in 2022.