Backlash on bland e-commerce

We’re seeing a backlash on bland e-commerce sites. Advances in digital, technology and e-commerce have changed the way we shop forever. Over recent years, retailer giants like Amazon have perfected ‘get what you want, when you want it’. You can order an item in the morning and have it by the evening…for free. Our expectations for seamless, no-brainer online shopping is through the roof and we expect nothing less.

But with this has come a sea of e-commerce that lacks inspiration, excitement and memorable experience. We find ourselves sleepwalking through this regimented one-click customer journey.

By the end of 2018, it was expected that Amazon captured 49.1% of the US e-commerce market. That is a mammoth percentage. But it also leaves 50.9% there for the taking by any retailers who dare to be a little different and create an experience that brings the life back into online shopping.

Glossier online presence

A survey found that 48% of consumers have left a business’s website and made a purchase elsewhere because the experience was poorly curated – this is up from 40% in 2017. We’re seeing a backlash at the bland, carelessly put together websites. In keeping with the new generation of shoppers who seek out experience over product consumption, what we need is more retailers thinking outside of the box and pushing the boundaries.

Shopping through the likes of Amazon remains a solitary activity and for convenience, the vast majority will continue to use it in some capacity. However, we as human beings don’t merely shop to acquire products. People shop to be entertained, to discover new things or socialise with friends. We need to be pioneers in the shift away from retail blandness, and offer immersive, responsive experiences across all platforms.

Depop challenge the backlash on bland e-commerce by offering exciting ways to shop online

With so much choice out there, consumers often find that poorly curated online experiences make the process more stressful and are more likely to not interact with your brand in the future if they haven’t enjoyed the experience.


Our client ICONIC London is the digital-first beauty brand that is smashing it online. They’re created a community and built the brand around what their customer wants, so their website and social media presence is crafted perfectly for their shoppers needs. With a punchy, high energy and unapologetic tone of voice and extra shiny photography they’ve succeeded in creating a vibrant, engaging e-commerce – far from bland.

Iconic London brand bible created by Beyond London


In our next article we will look at some of the e-commerce trends, innovative companies and disruptive brands and how they are shaking up the way we shop online.

disruptive brand Obsess fighting the backlash on bland e-commerce with VR and AR stores