Creating a brand identity that communicates the approach of bringing together the discipline of science and the creative flair of art, to deliver smart strategies.

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3CS logo header
beyond London

What we delivered

Development of assets that utilised the marque and a rich palette of unique colour unlike any competitor consultancy, paired with a photographic style that exudes luxury, has delivered an exciting and engaging brand.

Julie Taylor 3CS consulting brand guideline pages
3CS leaflet mockup

“I’ve used the branding on my biggest proposal of the year for a very premium client. I was really proud of how it looked to be honest. It’s a great job. Everything is working. Thanks so much”

Julie Taylor, Founder
Julie Taylor 3CS consulting marketing collateral

Why was it game changing

Producing a toolkit that perfectly marries the left and right brain thinking under a luxury logo marque has amplified the brand with credibility and trust, through clear unified communications.