Create a brand and proposition that can take Barburrito to the next stage of its development. Tasked with creating a new brand identity and all communication, we have worked with Barburrito since 2005 helping to keep the brand fresh and relevant.

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beyond London

What we delivered

We developed the brand identity and in-store communication. With ‘real food in your hands’ as a direction we have created fly poster wall art to deliver the young, fun and friendly tone of voice that Barburrito has become famous for.

Beyond created a contemporary take on a Mexican style by mixing natural materials and bright pops of colour to balance real food provenance and quality with an edgy youthful style of communication. Cedar shingles, stencilled cement render and painted plywood, combine to create a welcoming and fun interior.


open page spread of brand guidelines

Why it was game changing

The contemporary and playful communications were given authenticity through powerful food provenance messaging and natural materials, highlighted with pops of colour. The brand has successfully grown from the initial 4 stores to now over 21 stores in 8 towns and cities.

retail design showing restaurant booths
Barburrito interior design of restaurant
exterior of barburrito restaurant with glass facade
interior design of Barburrito restaurant with wall graphics and colourful furniture
“Beyond has been a key player in the ongoing success of Barburrito. The proposition that Beyond created has sustained the brand growth and continues to keep us ahead of the competitors.”
Morgan Davies, Co-Founder and CEO
food counter at Barburrito restaurant
Barburrito packaging and menu
graphics on the wall of Barburrito restaurant