The Challenge

To assist tenants in looking the best they can be while also maintaining the Landlord’s vision across a flagship centre.

missguided store front implemented by our retail design management team at bluewater

The Solution

We are able to inspire and communicate to tenants, the look and feel required for each of the mall districts in Bluewater. By encouraging tenants to use their best and latest store concepts we are able to maintain the flagship status of the Centre.

Radley store front at Bluewater shopping centre
chisholm hunter jewellery store front at bluewater

The Result

Through great relationships with tenants and their design teams, we achieve the highest standards of store design, fit-outs and shopfront. The process assists tenants with the design issues they face in mall situations and provides the Landlord with the reassurance that the quality of fit-out meets and exceeds the standards set by the centre.

H&M shopfront at Bluewater shopping centre
hyundai shopfront at bluewater shopping centre
External view of Bluewater shopping centre