Crown Glass

Create a new brand identity for Crown Glass Shopping which sits at the heart of the town of Nailsea. The new branding should relate to the town strengths, community and history. Develop town centre signage which unifies the town offers into one recognisable destination.

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beyond London

What we delivered

Beyond looked deep into the history of the location and created a new visual identity and colour scheme derived from the famous Nailsea glass that was produced on the site from the 1780s. We developed a new signage system using the historic glass as a starting point to bring a fresh and vibrant splash of colour to the centre.

way-finding signage for crown glass shopping
way-finding signage for crown glass shopping

“The rebranding of Nailsea has re-energised the local community who are very proud of the glass making heritage of the town. The vibrant green of the signage is recognisable all around the town centre and has really put us on the map”

Entrance welcome signage to crown glass shopping centre

Why it was game changing

The new blue to green glass motif logo design has successfully been used across totems, fascia signage and general wayfinding all around the town centre as well as all digital platforms. Nailsea now hosts an increasingly popular farmers market.

way-finding signage for crown glass shopping