Creating a strong brand identity and strategy that  enabled Fiorelli to build a broader brand offering.

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beyond London

What we delivered

A distinct brand essence was established to enable licence and brand partners to clearly understand the Fiorelli brand proposition. We developed a ‘Brand Bible’ that set out clear guidelines to define the target demographic and outline the correct usage of brand assets and materials.

Fiorelli branding on handbags
cover of the fiorelli brand guidelines
open spread of the fiorelli retail guidelines
Fiorelli showroom with wall displays of handbags
Open spread book of Fiorelli retail brand guidelines

Why it was game changing

Expansion of the brand through the successful launch of new product ranges under the Fiorelli umbrella.

Fiorelli show room with shelves of handbags and a display table

“Beyond helped us to clarify our positioning and inspire us with their creative thinking.”

Marketing Director
Handbag display in Fiorelli showroom
Mirror reflecting Fiorelli showroom of bag displays
Poster of male model with backpack on the wall in Fiorelli showroom