Fujax is a South African founded multinational commodities trading business, it provides metals, minerals, energy, and agricultural trading services on a global scale across the entire commodity supply chain, responsibly sourcing a diverse range of products and ensuring their efficient and timely delivery to end users.

Following a sustained period of expansion through 2021 and 2022 Fujax UK required a larger workplace and new operating model to ensure continued success and growth.

Beyond worked with senior management to establish better, more efficient ways of working, and a refreshed organisational structure and operational style.

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beyond London

What we delivered

Beyond developed designs for the new workspace situated in the iconic Island Studio building in Chiswick London. (Famous for Island Records recordings of legendary musicians such as Bob Marley). The vaulted roofed space was divided into key activity zones; very important to the South African rooted culture of the organisation were break out spaces and a communal eating area, regularly used for social events, town halls and informal meetings.

Why it was game changing

Alongside designing the workspace, we developed an employee handbook to help deliver the new ways of working, new internal communication materials, and a refreshed website. In combination, the new ways of working, the workspace experience, and the improved internal culture activities have delivered a true sense of belonging and home to an energetic team of mixed nationals.