HS1 are a unique organisation and trailblazer in the UK rail industry. The original brand strategy and identity was created many years ago and it was identified that there was a need to revisit the vision and mission for the business, to reflect its current approach and to better reflect the world in which it now operates. Beyond assisted the senior management at HS1 in authoring a revised brand strategy and were then tasked with updating the brand identity to mirror and better communicate the new strategy.

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What we delivered

We worked closely with the senior team to develop the brand strategy and then developed a new identity including logo, colourways and imagery.

As a result of the rebrand and the changes brought about by the post-pandemic workscape, there was a requirement to develop a solution for a revised office design.

Why it was game changing

The new identity recognises the importance of sustainability as a core component of the brand and helps cement HS1 credentials as a pioneer in the UK.

HS1 Guidelines
HS1 Wall Graphi