The Challenge

Create a new brand name and identity for a Swedish shopping centre which lacked visibility and customer footfall. Improve customer movement across the site and make entrances more attractive and visible.

Front entrance exterior signage for Kallered shopping park

The Solution

We created a new name ‘Shopping Park Kallered’ together with a new identity in bright red. A master planning exercise highlighted the need for a new pedestrian route across the site and for new signage totems, walkways and entrance façade designs.

outdoor way-finding signage for Kallered shopping park
Interior way-finding and escalator inside Kallered shopping park

The Result

The new red branding and signage are very visible from the nearby motorways and the giant red K has proved to be a great Instagram moment for visitors. The ‘red route’ pathway has resulted in significantly more people moving across the site to visit more stores.

The rebranding and master planning initiatives implemented at Kallered have made a great impact on the visitor numbers and particularly to the shopping centre K Gallerian.”
outdoor way-finding signage for Kallered shopping park