We created the new category of premium movement health and even before launch, have gathered interest and collaboration from established brands and luxury service providers. Our client’s experience working with some of the biggest names in sport and media, provided the perfect platform to launch a totally new philosophy in movement health, including services and products to reach a much wider audience.


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What we delivered

Working in partnership with Stephen Price, the founder of Movementum, we developed a brand strategy, brand identity and packaging design for a completely revolutionary range of premium movement health products and services.

Movementum Brand Guidelines
Movementum Body Tech
Movementum Move Better Live Better
Movementum instagram
Movementum Social Media

“Fantastic working with you and your team on Movementum  – thank you for helping to make the concept a reality!”

Stephen Price – Founder
Movementum Box Packaging
Movementum phone

Why it was game changing

The creation of a new category of premium movement health.

Movementum packaging
Movementum packaging