The Friary

Create designs to refresh the centre, reflect the new branding and improve the wayfinding and the customer welfare facilities.

Brand refresh Signage & wayfinding Asset enhancement
Welcome signage at The Friary shopping centre
beyond London

What we delivered

We created new interior design and signage concepts to highlight the entrances with feature ‘welcome’ walls, which, together with new easy to navigate wayfinding signage, brings the new branding throughout the centre.

Wall graphics on the toilets at The Friary shopping centre
Way-finding signage at The Friary shopping centre in Guildford

Why it was game changing

The new signage and improved mall designs have created a strong and recognisable Friary brand which reflect the aspirational positioning of the centre.

Escalators and way-finding at The Friary shopping centre, Guildford

“Beyond have created and delivered a much improved, modern customer experience for our visitors. The materials and colours have unified the visitor experience and delivered a wonderful atmosphere for shoppers to enjoy.”

The Friary Centre Manager