The Shed – Branding

A new retail and leisure destination at the heart of the new Whitehill and Bordon town centre. Create a name, interior concept and branding for an authentic, shared experience which will offer artisan treats, home-cooked meals, arts and crafts, creative workspaces and great local entertainment.

Naming Brand identity
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What we delivered

Playing off the former REME history at Bordon Camp, The Shed’s concept, name and branding is direct, simple and reflects the semi-industrial nature of the building. Bold fonts mix with hand-drawn illustrations on the graphics. Whilst natural materials play off industrial grey and splashes of red on the interior.

“From only offering seasonal trade, our tenancy at The Shed will mean we can trade all year round and we’ll be able to expand our menu and therefore grow our business. The visuals of The Shed look amazing and we’re excited to be part of a unique space which will make Whitehill & Bordon stand out from other local towns.”

Greg from The Mixing Jug
Sub brand logos for The Shed
The Shed magazine cover crop in

Why it was game changing

Creating a new community focal point in the town centre that offers artisan treats, arts and crafts and the best local entertainment. A venue where the shopping is social and the produce is local.

An opportunity to create a new and dynamic retail and entertainment destination.

Reflecting the changing retail landscape, a completely new approach to engaging with new brands looking for a cost effective but exciting retail environment.

The Shed is an example of how retail and entertainment and the local community can work together to deliver game changing environments.

The Shed brand graphics
The Shed brand graphics