Thistles Toilets

Creating a new and better customer welfare experience for shoppers at Thistles Stirling.

Working within the constraints of limited space and budget, create a facility which reflects the city and meets the needs of the local and tourist visitors.

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Thistles Stirling Shopping centre toilets
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What we delivered

Drawing on the unique topography of the city, a palette of colours, materials and graphics were developed. A detailed analysis of the existing facilities enabled much of the existing fixtures to be re-purposed and re-finished for a more sustainable approach. New low energy lighting was chosen to both improve the ambience and reduce energy, together with low flow water technologies to reduce water consumption.

Thistles Stirling Shopping centre toilets
Thistles Stirling Shopping centre toilets

Why it was game changing

The new facilities now offer a welcoming comfortable and sustainable environment for shoppers at Thistles.

Thistles Stirling Shopping centre toilets

“The toilets now present as we have always envisioned for Thistles and the result has far exceeded our expectations”

Gary Turnbull Centre Manager