Co-working Spaces in Shopping Centres

Remote working creates a new market for shopping centres.

HUBBA coworking hub in the HABITO community shopping centre in Bangkok

Having the freedom to tailor your working hours to suit your lifestyle while being able to work from just about any location is the modern-day dream. A study released by Zug, a Swiss serviced office provider, last year found that 70% of people worldwide work from home at least once a week while ONS estimates that 50% of workers in the UK will work remotely by 2020.

Interior of coworking hub at Westfield Shopping Centre in San Francisco

This offers a perfect opportunity for shopping centres to tap into a fast-growing market by adding co-working spaces to their offer. It is an attractive option for workers, being vibrant social hubs with shops, restaurants, bowling alleys, gyms and more – all under one roof. Shopping centres have the advantage of great transport links, making it easy to commute into or using as a base to meet clients. Co-working spaces can foster new relationships and aid shopping centres in becoming a true beating heart of the community.

Green house style coworking space at Habito shopping centre, Bangkok, Thailand

Remote workers also make great customers, with numerous trips to coffee shops throughout the day, breaking for lunch, buying groceries or socialising after work.

Whilst this trend is still very new in the UK, there are more and more fantastic coworking spaces popping up in shopping centres around the world to get inspiration from!

Interior of coworking space in Wola Park shopping centre, Warsaw, Poland