Creating successful digital-first beauty brands

As a brand and retail design agency, we are constantly faced with the threat of digital-first brands using digital agencies.

We’re having none of it!

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We are genuinely excited about the opportunities we are finding from working with digital-first brands and older more established beauty brands, who are navigating their way in the real and digital world.

The barriers to entry for new beauty brands have been diminished by the web. But the need for cleverly thought through strategies are ever present. Social media is the weapon of choice, but it alone can only take you so far.  Customers can find themselves overwhelmed by the vast volume of choice that is now readily available to them while being incredibly underwhelmed by the actual experience of interacting with the brand when the journey has been poorly curated and lazily executed.

The power of an engaging customer journey and beautifully crafted brand identity, stunning art direction, photography, video and packaging simply cannot be overlooked.

Prostyles brand magazine flat-lay

We are also witnessing the mainstreaming of pop-ups or retail manifestations for the winning brands and we are perfecting our ability to translate an online personality into a real-world experience. With a staggering 850 digital-first brands predicted to transition to brick and mortar over the next 5 years in the USA, it begs the question; is a strong online presence enough to see your brand succeed in the non-digital world?

E-commerce has grown to great success over the years through the promise of convenience. Through carefully created pathways allowing a seamless journey to purchase and fulfilment. But we can’t help but wonder if this narrow-minded drive for efficiency has come at the cost of customer engagement.

We look to move away from streamlined, un-emotive transactions and build meaningful relationships with customers by creating engaging, carefully considered journeys that can excite and be memorable, long after they have left the store or clicked away from the website.

Our work with Iconic London, Rimmel London, Floral Street, GHD, Bare Minerals and many other exciting beauty brands is a testament to the need for OUR EXPERIENCE IN THE SECTOR AND OUR UNDOUBTED design skills.

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Iconic London

Our most recent work with Iconic London has been deeply rewarding, working on the brand, retail, packaging & art direction.

From Jade Elliott the Iconic CEO

 “If I was to describe BEYOND in one word it would be “EXCEPTIONAL” as a founder it was near on impossible to find an agency that really understood my vision and got me as a person- so when Beyond walked into my offices I was blown away. The way they execute creative projects is one of a kind they made me feel at ease and got into the brand like it was their own.”