Retail design management

Super-charging tenant design for game-changing results

We want shopping centre and mall experiences to be extraordinary. We want excited shoppers, busy retailers, and successful landlords.
To achieve these results we sit between tenants and landlords, receiving and reviewing tenant design submissions for new fit outs and alterations. Nine times out of ten our design review will result in suggested improvements to the tenant design that will improve the shopper experience, elevate the retailer brand, and enhance the overall ambience of the shopping centre.

design guidelines

We develop detailed guidelines for shopping centres and malls to inspire retail tenants to push their designs and generate excitement with the delivery of their new experience.
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Design reviews

We review tenant design submissions on behalf of landlords. We make recommendations to the Tenant's designs that will improve the ambience of the mall and deliver a more powerful retail experience.

Tenant design management

We work with the landlord and tenant to manage successful delivery of the retailers design and fit out.

centre management liaison

We work with our clients and centre teams to ensure smooth delivery of our tenant-fit-outs and to keep all parties in the process aligned.

We offer fixed rate, pro-rata solutions for landlords and asset managers that can be recharged to tenants as start up or process approval fees, effectively making our service free.

Additional Services - Retail Design Consultancy

To support our retail design consultancy role for landlords and asset managers, we can also provide a number of specialist services in addition. Our retail design consultants work with the design studio team to deliver exceptional results across a range of disciplines.

Artist's Impression Visuals
Mall Enhancement
Kiosk Design
Signage & Wayfinding
Carpark Enhancement
Hoarding Design
Public Welfare
Retail Design

How else can we support you?

We also do:
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Place & Space Design

We develop solutions for workplace, retail, shopping centres, public spaces. Including master planning, branding, interior design and signage & wayfinding.

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Branding & Communications

We work with brands big and small both corporate & consumer. Including brand strategy, architecture, customer journey mapping, brand identity and guidelines, marketing communications, photography, packaging and web design.