Do you listen to your subconscious?

Do you listen to your subconscious? Not easy but it can often give answers to what drives our own actions.

Recently I tuned into why I was not enjoying an evening spent in my favourite gastropub. The answer came into focus when I had to stop mid-conversation for the 4th time whilst a coffee grinding machine started up again behind the bar.

Subconsciously I had been gritting my teeth whilst the noise went on for 30 seconds or so every 20 minutes. These things can often make the difference between regular visits or deciding to go elsewhere.

Businesses that offer visitors spaces and places to enjoy should be aware of how their customers may be affected by their subconscious masters.

Listen with your eyes shut

Listening with your eyes shut (as the master of sound – Julian Treasure once told me) can reveal a world of irritating sounds that niggle away but without necessarily being aware of. Coffee grinders, tinny music, scraping chair legs to name a few. The same applies to smells, touch (sticky restaurant tables) and visual clutter. All our senses play a part in directing us to subconsciously go elsewhere.

coffee beans, grinder and cup and saucer in flatlay

Customer Experience Rating System

At Beyond we have developed a piece of software to assist us in auditing these more unobvious customer touchpoints. Our CERS (Customer Experience Rating System) is used to grade every stage of a customer journey by measuring and marking out of 100 the experience a visitor might have.

It is often surprising for clients when a particular area receives a low score. It’s not until the many ‘micro negative factors’ are pointed out via the CERS results that they agree that improvements need to be made.

Much has been written about understanding human behaviour and how our unconscious actions give away much about how we feel. Maybe if we all tune into our subconscious reactions to the retail and food and beverage environments that we inhabit, we might more quickly change allegiance towards those that get things right.