The right kind of change.

Change Right and Beyond have been collaborating on projects for the previous two years. Change Right operate in both the public and private sectors and are a transformation consultancy, specialising in organisational and workplace change, delivering experienced consultants and an affordable cost. Change Right have seen significant growth in the previous three years and required a brand refresh that reflected their ever evolving vision and mission.

Beyond worked with Change Right to develop a brand strategy and a refreshed brand identity for their new website and marketing collateral, incorporating colourways, typography and a new ‘look and feel’.

@Michael Hughes a founding partner said “Working with Beyond, both as a strategic partner and to manage our rebrand, always is and continues to be a pleasure. Their extensive experience allows them to truly capture your brand essence, style and ‘tone of voice’, something that is really important to us a boutique consultancy. The team have creativity in abundance, specialist knowledge in all things branding and are able to bring you from initial concept to realisation, all under one roof. As an SME, you get a truly personal service and I cannot recommend the talented team at Beyond enough.”